1989  Started business as a trader in the phosphorus field.
1995  The first phosphorus plant of Yunphos had been put into production.
1997   Became the China’s biggest yellow phosphorus exporter, and kept being ever since.
1999----2003  Yunnan Phosphorus Group Co., Ltd. incorporated. During the period, it took over 4 state-owned chemical plants, entered into 2 JVs and built a Phosphoric acid plant in Fangcheng, Guangxi.
2004   The construction of Yunphos (Xundian) Phosphorus & Electricity Co., Ltd completed. It is equipped with an self-supplying power plant.
2005   Yunphos tapped into Chlor-Alkali chemical territory, and the products ranges expanded to Chlor-Alkali products, PVC and STPP.
2006--2008   The calcium carbide plant and the second phosphoric acid plant (Taixing) were completed and put into production. The Super-fine red phosphorus project filled blank in the industry in China.
2009   Yunphos always makes progress continuously and steadily, having achieved annual turnover of about RMB 5.28 billion, taxes paid RMB 613 million and export volume US$200 million, The “circulatory production system” has been formed inside the Group.