ISO-tank Containers
Besides supplying products in drum packaging, YunPhos led the exploration in China for a safer and more efficient transport mode more than ten years ago. Such effort proved to be highly successful. With rich knowledge and experiences gained in the field, YunPhos operates the largest fleet of specialty ISO-tank containers in China. Nowadays, about six hundred ISO-tanks are being used every day to deliver yellow phosphorus and phosphoric acid to customers all over the world.
ISO-tank container has revolutionized the transportation, storage and handling of yellow phosphorus worldwide. It improves safety, reduces cost, and facilitates connection to multi-modal transport system with high efficiency. Above all, it contributes to globe environment protection.
1.   Quality of ISO-tank Containers
Most of the ISO-tanks are used to carry cargos to countries where safety and environment protection are emphasized. Quality and compatibility with international transport regulation are vital for smooth shipment. YunPhos always pays close attention to ensuring that all its ISO-tanks conforming to combined transportation rules and that all its customers’ special needs are satisfied.
2.   Filling Facilities
As early as 1996, YunPhos invested in its first ISO-tank filling station in Shanghai Port and soon after started using another filling station in Fangcheng Port. Despite the successful operation of filling station in seaports under traditional procedures, YunPhos developed a more efficient method. Specially designed filling facilities are built as attachments to furnaces of YunPhos’ all yellow phosphorus plants and phosphoric acid plant, with which, the products are filled into ISO-tank containers directly without any transfer process, thus reduces cost, time of filling, risk of danger and possible contamination to the material.
3.   Inland Transportation
In the matter of selecting the shortest route and quickest methods for inland transportation, YunPhos has more choices than any other suppliers. Traditional method is to deliver drum-packed products by railway to sea ports and then fill into ISO-tanks inside filling station. The method, however, results in higher cost from using media drum packaging. YunPhos, instead, is using another method --- towing ISO-tanks by rail or trail car from Shanghai or Fangcheng seaports to YunPhos’ inland plants, where the cargo is filled in.
4.   Weight and Quality Determination
Specially designed weighing scales and strict handling regulations have been applied in all the plants. The scales are tested and calibrated regularly to guarantee filling the exact quantity. Before filling any ISO-tank, approval must be obtained from plant laboratory surveyors who will sample the products and determine the quality in prior. Details of each lot of products are filed and can be traced easily.
5.   Safety and Efficiency 
YunPhos believes that safety and efficiency are vital in operation of ISO-tanks. It provides constant and updated trainings for the operating staff, trail car drivers and forwarders in order to ensure each person of awareness of the hazards of dangerous cargo, the fire fighting knowledge and first aid measures.
6.   Periodical Inspection 
To ensure that each ISO-tank is in good condition, any defect must be spotted and repaired in time. YunPhos has its ISO-tanks be inspected regularly in ports and plants by authorized inspector, and periodically by independent surveyor like Lloyds or Bureau Veritas. All certificates of ISO-tanks are updated for verification of concerned parties in the transport chain.